Developing the Energy Storage Technology of the future Today

Elevare Energy is an energy research and development company helping to change the way we use and store clean energy.

With one of the most diverse and experienced private-sector engineering teams in the country we are focused on addressing the transition to clean energy through smart battery technology innovation.

Our research projects involve:

  • Developing solar PV and battery architecture that delivers a 50% faster payback on batteries.
  • Developing responsive battery management systems that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to provide peak demand shaving.

What are “Smart Batteries”?

The Elevare Energy research team has developed an integrated, Smart Battery solution that is being rolled out across 10 sites in South East Queensland totaling 1.5MWh of energy storage.

  • We use clean energy from solar stored in our “Smart Batteries” to reduce peak demand charges in commercial customers, otherwise known as “Peak Shaving”.
  • The batteries are controlled by our sophisticated software controls and use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to monitor and predict energy generation and consumption. This software enables the batteries to respond to peak pricing periods by predicting consumption based on patterns and other sensors.
  • Our batteries come enclosed in outdoor IP rated enclosures that can be cooled to extend the life of the storage system. Standard sizes are 38 kWh stacks or 250kWh containers.

Future Applications

Our Smart Battery technology won’t just help accelerate the economic viability of storing renewable energy, the breakthroughs that are possible once this technology is widespread may be as wide reaching as the internet – it is truly the next energy revolution of our planet. Some of them probably haven’t even been considered yet but here are a few:

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Trading: Allowing excess renewable energy to be traded, shared or gifted with other consumers on the grids
  • Virtual Power Station: Dispersed batteries in customer locations (behind the meter) used as aggregated power stations
  • Grid Stabilisation: Elevare technology behind the meter can assist in grid stabilising that would ideally be recognised by regulators and networks
  • 100% Renewables Microgrid: Energy controls allowing for 100% clean energy – radically reducing operating costs
  • Solar Panels as Battery Chargers: Turn every solar panel into a cost effective battery charger- radically improves the energy efficiency and reduces the overall capital involved to deliver a much faster payback for the batteries.

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